LinkedIn GROWTH Mastery

Monetize your talents on LinkedIn with smart outreach and content strategies that have generated millions of EUR for our clients.

Our clients have achieved this, so can you:

  • Triple your revenue
  • Shape your industry with thought leadership
  • Build a loyal community of superfans
  • Get first results already within 4 weeks

Coaches: Marc Eichner & Adi Suja

47+ CreatorPreneurs, Changermakers, Movers and Rebels are growing their passions on LinkedIn already


Discover what most people think is not possible. Connect your authentic self to the market and establish strong relationships while growing fast with smart growth hacking strategies. Stop chasing clients and pull them into your world. It looks like magic but it's actually values-based marketing.


If you're an entrepreneurial thinking and acting individual who wants to not only excel in their career or business, but create a legacy, then the LinkedIn Growth Mastery is for you.

Entrepreneurs & Founders

Build personal brands for you and your key employees. Grow your B2B-business, find top-talent and multiply the reach of your company brand. See your sales skyrocketing, while saving thousands of euros in ads.


Accellerate the leadership teams of your startups with a system that will decrease their time to market, 10X their B2B sales and win them top-notch talent - without spending money on ads.


Use our step-by-step process in the most efficient way possible to win clients fast. Build an authentic personal brand that serves you as a long-term asset for all of your future marketing and sales campaigns.


Build a thought leader brand for your consultancy. Educate your audience about the possibilities and become the top-of-mind expert that potential clients turn to first.


Connect to your inner purpose and attract your dream clients by communicating your values. Make your work even more fun by only working with clients that share your values.

Sales Experts

Multiply your sales, reduce sales cycles and save time on repetitive tasks by hyper-targeting your customers and using the most effective LinkedIn sales strategies. Build authentic personal brands to create a high-value sales asset.

  • Tech Startups
  • Tech Consulting Firms
  • Lead Generation Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Recruiters
  • CEOs
  • Coaching firms
  • Keynote Speakers

See What's Possible in 6 MonTHS

Michael Prothmann

Ex-CEO Obi & Founder MPCG



Total LinkedIn content views




Booked pre-qualified sales calls


9+ Million

Total LinkedIn content views


New followers


Booked pre-qualified sales calls


No chasing clients! Express your true self makes to magnetically draw clients into your world. How would the world look like for you if winning clients was easy and fun?

Grow Magical Brands

Tinder your creative spark with your intuition and instincts to create authentic personal and business brands that magnetically draw clients that you love working with into your world. 

Create Superfans Communities

Your superfans communites help to increase brand awareness, client loyalty and economies of scale. Implement a clear Go-To-Community Strategy to grow an asset that continuously creates value for you.

Skyrocket Your Business

As a CreatorPreneur you want to invest your resources as efficient as possible. Use smart growth marketing techniques to skyrocket your authentic visibility. Create measurable results fast.

Embrace Slow Marketing

Plant the seeds for long-term, sustainable, organic, word of mouth results without hype or pressure. Achieve results you can lean on and feel great about achieving. Go deeper into what really matters.

Meet More Clients

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Susanne won her best paid project in her entire career within 4 weeks of this program. She also tripled her revenue and now wins the majority of her clients through LinkedIn.

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Laurent is Europe’s Leading Trend Scout whose clients include Europe’s Top 50 corporations. He won 3 new customers within his first week and has had to hire two more team members to cope with the demand.

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Using the viral content types, Bora Ger established him and AdEx Partners as a thought leader in digital strategy and grew from 4.000 to 14.000 followers in 6 months.

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Get Ready For REAL Transformation

In our lives, we have spent more than 500.000 € on trainings to only implement 5% of the knowledge. Sounds familiar? That's why we designed this training to be different.
Save time learning only what makes the difference and implement it right away.
Learn proof-tested methods from the Top 1% Growth Hacking Practioners
Don't be stuck with strategies that don't work for your business, learn  from us live
Get into the Smart Growth  Mindset to skyrocket your impact
Make experiments a habit and continuously test what works for your exact target-group
Stay on top of LinkedIn changes - our agency with 30 employees runs tests daily
Implement all strategies end-to-end with step-by-step guides
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Marc Eichner

• Founder of 6 businesses, first business with 15
• Founder of Monetizing Individuality & IOX Partners
• Featured in Washington Post and Süddeutsche Zeitung
• Consulted 47+ top level leaders for personal branding
• Clients i.e. from McKinsey&Company, BCG and Deloitte
• I love surfing. What's your favourite spot?

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Adi Suja

• Founder of (top 3 LinkedIn agency)
• Co-founder of Monetizing Individuality
• Ex-Head of Growth &
• 100+ MN LinkedIn views in 3 years with zero $ in ad-spend
• $2 MN inbound business with my companies last year
• 500+ experiments on all aspects of LinkedIn

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Walk The 5 Steps Of Rapid Growth

1. Supercharge Your Network

  • Define your target audience
  • Set-up your infrastructure
  • Connect with 700 people per week 

2. Create Your Personal Positioning

  • Define your archetypes
  • Discover your why
  • Align your personal with your business brand

3. Create Your Sales Funnel       

  • Conceive your funnel
  • Create funnel content
  • Activate your network

4. Build Your Community

  • Identify hub marketing owners
  • Create thought leadership content
  • Leverage trusting relationships

5. Refine, Refine, Refine

  • Run experiments
  • Gather feedback
  • Tweak content & processes

Choose Your Core APPROACH

Make your personality shine with videos that you create with your phone

Master your storytelling skills and create viral content that positions yourself as a thought leader

Conduct high-converting webinars and LinkedIn Lives with hundreds of participants

Integrate e-mail marketing in the mix to build an audience that you own

Work on your copy writing skills and create direct messaging campaigns that convert

Maximize reach by going multi-channel on Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook and Polywork


Video Content Library

Learn fast and from anywhere, anytime with videos.

Jumpstart With Blueprints

Use templates and step-by-step guides to accelerate your journey.

Get Unstuck 24/7

Get feedback fast from experts and your peers in the community.

JOIN The Monetizing Individuality Community

Connect, learn and partner with other entrepreneurial spirits.

I trippled my turnover and won two strategic partners

Susanne Plassmann

CEO & Founder
Community Facts

Founders & investors


Client happiness 9.78 of 10


Ready to get work done? Choose the subscription that fits you best and get started right now.



per month paid quarterly excl. VAT

Best for:

Changemakers who use LinkedIn on a daily basis for their business or job

Skyrocket your LinkedIn performance
with the most advanced strategies including e-mail marketing, social video creation and webinars

  • 4x 1 hours of group coaching per month 
  • On demand lessons covering Social Selling, Personal Branding, Content Marketing and Smart Growth Strategies
  • Access to corresponding Step-by-Step Workbooks
  • Downloadable Templates for the LinkedIn Profile, Positioning, Content Marketing
  • Access to the Monetizing Individuality Community on Heartbeat
  • Access to the VIP manual growth pod
  • 30 Minute Onboarding Strategy Call with Marc Eichner


per month paid quarterly excl. VAT

Best for:

CreatorPreneurs to whom LinkedIn is monumental to their success

Supercharge Your Journey to become a LinkedIn Influencer with access to priority 1on1 support

  • 4x 30 minutes 1on1 coaching with a specialized coach per month 
  • 4x 1 hour of group coaching with leading coaches every month
  • Get Group Coaching Priority
  • 1h our of technical setup coaching where we help you to set-up the software
  • On demand lessons covering Social Selling, Personal Branding, Content Marketing and Smart Growth Strategies
  • Access to corresponding Step-by-Step Workbooks
  • Downloadable Templates for the LinkedIn Profile, Positioning, Content Marketing
  • Access to the Monetizing Individuality Community on Heartbeat
  • 10-minute accountability check-in every week
  • Direct personal contact to the coaches via WhatsApp or Signal
  • Access to the VIP manual growth pod
  • 30 Minute Onboarding Strategy Call with Marc Eichner
Get your money back if you don’t achieve results.
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