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How To Create & Sell LinkedIn Agency Services

Avoiding Costly Starting-Up Mistakes

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The Time Is Now

The Market for LinkedIn Marketing Services is Booming

  • The majority of business professionals now understands the power of LinkedIn
  • They want Lead Generation, Personal Branding, Talent Marketing and many services more
  • There are 810 million highly trained people on LinkedIn

Do it Like Divij Rakhra

Founder of a Twitter & LinkedIn Agency

In 4 months Divij generated a 192,000 € annual recurring revenue with the strategies and tools taught in this webinar 

Discover LinkedIn Journeys of Clients

Find Out How To Kick Start Your LinkedIn Agency Services

  • How to start selling LinkedIn Marketing Services even if the service is not ready
  • How to not get overwhelmed with all the possibilities LinkedIn offers for agencies
  • What results you can achieve for your clients
  • What prices can you charge for different types LinkedIn Marketing Services
  • What processes and approach you need to scale your services successfully
  • The one false assumption that most people have that kills client satisfaction
  • Which roles you need in your team to boost efficiency
  • Which business models that enable your agency to scale up
  • How to promote and sell your LinkedIn services in 9 easy steps
  • The power arguments that win clients
  • The 3 exponential LinkedIn lead generation strategies you can start using now
  • And many many insights more

Get The Most OUT OF THIS Webinar When You'RE...

  • ....thinking about or planning to create and sell LinkedIn Marketing Services. Or if you're already selling them, but want to get a full sales funel.
  • ...a Agency Owner, Agency Professional, Freelancing Marketer or a Marketing Consultant
  • ...having any of these skills: Growth Hacking, Content Writing, Copy Writing, Paid Ads, Lead Generation, Video Creation, Course Creation, Business Branding, Personal Branding, Employer Branding, Brand Design, Career Consulting or Talent Marketing

Marc Eichner

Founder Monetizing Individuality

Adi Suja


Looking forward to see you in the webinar!

Marc & Adi

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