Turn Passions into Recurring Revenue

Multiply your impact with values-based marketing and sales


No chasing clients! Express your true self makes to magnetically draw clients into your world. How would the world look like for you if winning clients was easy and fun?

Grow Magical Brands

Tinder your creative spark with your intuition and instincts to create authentic personal and business brands that magnetically draw clients that you love working with into your world. 

Create Superfans Communities

Your superfans communites help to increase brand awareness, client loyalty and economies of scale. Implement a clear Go-To-Community Strategy to grow an asset that continuously creates value for you.

Skyrocket Your Business

As a CreatorPreneur you want to invest your resources as efficient as possible. Use smart growth marketing techniques to skyrocket your authentic visibility. Create measurable results fast.

Embrace Slow Marketing

Plant the seeds for long-term, sustainable, organic, word of mouth results without hype or pressure. Achieve results you can lean on and feel great about achieving. Go deeper into what really matters.


Dear my favourite individual,

In the old days where, when, and how you worked were defined by the employer. If it didn't fit your individual needs, the results were work to rule, burnout, and health issues.

Now you can create your own system with digital tools, attuned to your unique individuality. Do the things that give you energy and outsource the rest.

Follow your purpose and choose the people you want to work with. Live at the most beautiful places around the world, work when, where and how much you want.

If you are a free-spirited and venture loving personality like us at Monetizing Individuality, it's almost impossible to not seize this great opportunity. It was never easier. The time is now.

- Marc

Design your life and work so that it makes you free, efficient and happy. 


Create a thriving and sustainable future for humans and nature by unchaining the talent and positive energy of people together with us at Monetizing Individuality. Support us helping individuals express and be their happy true selves.

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